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I would guess that in 90% of all cases when a guy does not call back after a third date, there were either no sexy times involved or there were sub-par sexy times involved.A third date that doesn't end with sex, or at least with some naked bodies (or even at the very least some high-intensity, risque touching) is not a great third date from the guy's perspective, no matter how well the girl thought it went.This kind of first date is different than going out with a woman with whom you are interested in “just having fun”.There is nothing wrong with looking for a something fun that doesn’t necessarily lead to a substantial relationship. ”A friend once told us that it’s much easier to meet someone in New York than Washington. “In New York, you’ll see someone cute and you know that you’ll never see them again,” they explained.

You see, dating is like an investment in your penis, and just as a smart investor would get out of a poorly performing investment position, a smart guy will get out of a poorly performing dating situation."Guy 2:"a) Not that into you.

Explanations range from the ridiculous to the more ridiculous to the... Go on, boys: Guy 1:"My behavioral economics theory of early dating: From the male perspective, the early stages of dating can generally be reduced to one thing and one thing only: sex.

Yes, it is nice to make emotional connections as well, but as far as the first several dates go, that is not the main thing on a guy's mind.

Take your date home (if you’re a woman, let him hitch a cab for you) and seal the night with a friendly kiss. When should you call your new-found friend for another round of dating?

Here are some great dating tips that you should follow.