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I love a man that is a gentleman when we go to dinner, but when I take him up to my apartment he rips my clothes off.

Updating light fixtures with spray paint salsa speed dating new york

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This was a bit out of my normal thrift store makeover post, but it was still a makeover, right?

Brass light fixtures weather quickly out in the elements, so repainting them is a quick, inexpensive way to revive them.

On the list were these outdoor light fixtures we have hanging on either side of our garage and French doors in our bedroom: They get direct sun most of the day and the finish has become so faded. I cut about a foot off of two the sides and created a rectangle out of the pieces. (This duct tape was left over from when I did a project for Duck Brand tape. ) Then I grabbed my roll of brown kraft paper and cut a piece just bigger than the rectangle. Next I removed the bulb and covered the socket, and unscrewed the fixture from the wall just enough so I could slide my paper behind it.Finally you’re ready to apply a high quality enamel spray paint.One of the projects at the top of my list this month was to replace the outdated brass light fixtures in Monkey Boy’s bedroom and my craft room.Then I hung it outside on a large garden hook or tree limb so I could paint it from all angles. Enter my favorite spray paint – (I buy it at Wal-mart for .94 a can.But you can find it at any home improvement store.) Spray on 2-3 light coats, let dry, and then put it back together.You can read through all the posts in this series here.